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AN/PVS-14 (F6015)


The versatile Generation 3 AN/PVS-14 allows the user to adjust the gain control in varying light conditions. This unit can be handheld, as well as head-mounted, or adapted to a camera or camcorder. This unit can also be weapon-mounted.

Key Features

  • Generation 3
  • Hand-held, helmet-mountable, weapon-mountable
  • Variable gain control for enhanced performance in altering light conditions
  • Lightweight- Single-battery: 355 grams
  • Uses universally available "AA" battery


tn_3xmagnifierlg 3X Military Lens
A high performance Galilean afocal telescope, the 3X Military F/1.5 lens mounts to the objective lens of many of ITT's night vision devices. This lens comes with a flexible, durable carrying case.
tn_camadapterlg Camera Adapter Assembly
Enables you to adapt the 6015 or AN/PVS-14 night vision unit to any 35mm SLR camera or camcorder with 46mm lens.

Mount for PASGT Helmet
Allows the user to attach the 6015 or PVS-14 directly to PASGT helmets. includes flip-up/flip-down capability and fore-and-aft adjustment. Other helmet mount assemblies are available. Call for details.



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