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AN/PVS-23 (F5050)

This unit is derived from the proven design of the AN/AVS-6 (ANVIS), but is substantially more rugged, employs either its internal battery source or an external battery pack, and contains a selectable (spot/flood) IR illuminator. A new helmet mount that attaches to a variety of helmets is available for use with the goggle (item sold separately). The F5050 has been designed to meet the need for a rugged night vision binocular in ground and sea-based applications that require increased depth perception.

Key Features

  • Combines benefits of AN/PVS-7D and AN/AVS-6 ANVIS
  • Vertical, horizontal, and tilt adjustments
  • Mounts to a variety of helmets
  • Built-in power pack; uses AA battery
  • Optics and image tube common to AVS-6 ANVIS
  • Binocular detaches easily from mount



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