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BTE-70791-T1B “6-PACK”

1.5 kWh Portable Power System




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Systems requiring significant amounts of power
are usually handled by generators or by constantly replacing batteries.

The “6-Pack APU” is a power source comprised of six BB-2590/U batteries (sold separately), packaged into a rugged, watertight container with an integrated power management system. Depending on power consumption, the BTE-70791A-T1B can provide continuous power for over one week in stand alone mode, or indefinite operation when connected to a renewable energy source (e.g. wind, solar, etc.).

The 6-Pack APU is a Power System capable of acting as a UPS, Power Supply, or Stand-Alone Battery Unit, the 6-Pack APU provides the versatility needed by a Warfighter to power their mission with one piece of equipment.

BTE-70791A-T1B (Tan)
BTE-70791A-G1B (Green)