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Smart Fuel Cells


SFC Energy is the leader in mobile energy for leisure-time, industrial and military applications. One of Germany’s technology pioneers, SFC has been awarded numerous prizes for innovation. SFC works with leading companies in a number of different industries. In contrast to most other fuel-cell companies that are still in the developmental phase or are operating subsidized demonstration facilities, SFC has been successfully selling its fuel cells to industrial and retail customers for already more than six years.

Fuel Cells

jennyTH Jenny 600S Fuel Cell P/N 300 000 005
  • Efficient, compact and lightweight
  • Communicates and interoperates with your batteries
  • Powers all your equipment whether carried or left unmanned
mangerTH SFC Power Manager 3G P/N 905 002 008
  • Charges your batteries efficiently and provides power to your equipment in the field
  • Enables soldiers in the field to make optimum use of available power sources including batteries, vehicle power, solar and of course Fuel Cells!
  • Intelligent and configurable power management reduces the overall weight of your power system significantly while increasing the efficiency of the operation at the same time.